My plan for this page is to have an extensive list of resources of the best websites and blogs for researching the emergent church, so you can equip yourself with the knowledge of the many false teachers and false teachings.

Emergent Church: What Is It?

What Should We Think of The Emergent Church?  Part 1 (Albert Mohler)

What Should We Think of The Emergent Church?  Part 2 (Albert Mohler)

How To Know When The Emerging Church Shows Signs Of Emerging In Your Church (Roger Oakland)

For Research:

Lighthouse Trails Research - Dedicated to research exposing the New Spirituality, Emerging Church, Purpose Driven ideology, New Age, occultic, contemplative mysticism, and other false movements.  Also has an excellent publishing section with books by such authors as Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland, Caryl Matrisciana, and Warren Smith.

Apprising Ministries - a ministry led by Pastor Ken Silva.  Pastor Ken writes insightful commentary and reports on the emergent church falsehoods, as well as exposing the leaders in contemplative spirituality, New Age, and other false teachings.

Berean Beacon - Richard Bennett, former Roman Catholic priest, founded this site that proclaims the truth of Jesus Christ and exposes the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, emergent church ideology and other false movements.

A Time Of Departing - Ray Yungen is an author who has written several outstanding books, including A Time of Departing, and For Many Shall Come In My Name.  These books are also available at Lighthouse Trails Publishing (see above).  Ray appeared on the Concerned Nazarenes' DVD, The Emerging Church.

Critical Issues Commentary - Pastor Bob Dewaay writes insightful commentary on false movements such as the emerging church.  His books include an emergent church expose, The Emerging Church-Undefining Christianity.

Deception In The Church - Founded by preacher and missionary Sandy Simpson.  Exposes false movements such as emergent church, Word of Faith, and others. Sandy appeared on the Concerned Nazarenes' DVD, The Emerging Church.

Let Us Reason - Mike Oppenheimer is the founder of this ministry that exposes emergent ideology, and New Age practices.  Mike appeared on the Concerned Nazarenes' DVD, The Emerging Church.

Nazarene Related Resources:

Psalm 11:3 - Tim Wirth comments and posts relevant articles on the emergent church movement and its leaders.  Tim is the founder of the Concerned Nazarenes website. Other blogs by Tim:  No Goofy Zone, and Simply Agape.

Reformed Nazarene -

This is my blog.  You will find commentaries on relevant issues and events concerning the emergent church movement.  It is also geared towards giving a basic introduction to various topics of the emergent church and contemplative spirituality, and other teachings of the emergent movement.  Look to the left side of the Home Page for Emergent category topics.

Nazarene Leaves Denomination -

Commentaries  and articles from a former member of the Nazarene denomination.

Nazarene Church Has Lost Its Way-

Commentaries  and articles from a current member of the Nazarene denomination.

Eric Barger, Take A Stand! Ministries -

Eric Barger is not Nazarene- but is very familiar with what is going on in the Nazarene emergent movement.  His ministry is now past it’s 25th year.  He documents various activities related to the Nazarene church, and he presented a series of seminars at the General Assembly in Orlando, FL, in June 2009.  His research extends beyond Nazarene and is for all denominations.

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