Welcome to Stand For Truth Ministries, dedicated to the truth of God, revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe in the infallible and inerrant word of God and that it is the only reliable and sole authority for our faith and practice.

My main blog is at:  www.reformednazarene.wordpress.com where you will find many more articles about the emergent church movement, New Age, and other aberrant movements.

We are closely affiliated with Igreja Crista Evangelica (Evangelical Christian Fellowship) in Fall River, MA.  The sermons you listen to here are mainly preached by Pastor Antonio Costa.

There are three main purposes for this site:

1. To alert Christians to the false teachings that are spreading throughout practically all Christian denominations today, particularly through emergent church ideology, contemplative spirituality, incorporation of Roman Catholic mysticism, and especially the rejection of the Bible as God's inerrant inspired word.

2. To provide information that is helpful and encouraging to Christians who are fighting false teachings in the Christian churches and universities.

3. To post helpful and edifying sermons every week that preach the word of God.

We will also provide resource information when we can.

For speaking engagements at your church, primarily in the New England area, please email me at: standfortruthministries@gmail.com

On Facebook: Concerned Christians and Concerned Nazarenes

May God bless you,

Manny Silva

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